About Us

The club was formed in November 2010 by five founder members. The club was created due to the love and passion for all american automotive designs including cars, vans, hot rods, bikes and trikes. The names and contact details for all founders can be found on the contact us page for use by all club members, and anyone who has interest or requires more information about the club.

Based on the South Coast of England, in the regions of dorset and hampshire, we travel all over the country to support car shows, local car clubs, and even charities. The vision for the future is to set up many meeting spots for events all year round. This will welcome all members, and even non-members with interest in the club. Even if your American Vehicle is laid up feel free to come along in your daily drive.

We are proud to have already been invited to social events in the south as a club, with spaces for a club stand.

We currently have over 30 members signed up from the first few months, and we hope this will grow fast. This will be achieved with our friendly and welcoming approach to anyone with interest, and through promoting of our club stand at local shows.

Our aim is to help enthusiasts like ourselves, and grow as a network of like minded people. if you have a problem with your car then maybe we can help. Somebody may have the part you are searching for, or the knowledge that you require to solve the problem .

We have a wide range of occupations within our current list of members. This includes mechanics, windscreen fitters, classic car window replacement and made to order, MOT testers, auto electricians, car sprayers, engine rebuilds,and car spares, fibre glass mouldings and one of our members has his own shipping company to bring cars back from the U.S.A.

This club has been created, and run, by the members for the members. It is not a committee, and all ideas are welcome to boost the club reputation.